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Pigen proudly serves as a trusted software consulting partner, excelling in scope analysis, MVP creation, and offering diverse development practices, including DevOps and Agile. We offer a wide spectrum of technology solutions, from web development using Latest technologies to mobile application development. Our expertise extends to emerging technologies like AI/ML, IoT, and blockchain-AI integration. Furthermore, we excel in cloud platforms, encompassing Azure, AWS, and GCP, ensuring streamlined and reliable software delivery. We provide Information Technology, consultation and business process services.Our End-to-End solutions and services mark the milestones of many big business. We provide tech driven solutions to our clients and innovate to the state of the art league of engineering solutions.



CRM Suite

Built for you need, and the most smooth CRM ever built.


PiGen ChatSystem

You can message anyone, share posts and search for each others' profiles.

Mobile Apps

Web and Mobile Application Developement

Make your businesses digital with us, We have cutting edge technologies in the web and mobile application development space.

Desktop Software

Customized Business Softwares

We provide you with most robust tech to enahance your business help in scaling and make the whole process techy.

Credit Cards

Our Card Services Application

Our Card business is a part of our fin-tech services provided by us.

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